The star

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Ballad of the star

Star, I'm sad.

You tell me if another like my soul saw.

-There is another sadder.

I'm alone, star.

Tell my soul if there is another like her.

-Yes, says the star.

Contemplate my crying.

Tell me if another wears a cloak of tears.

-In another there is more crying.

Say who is sad, of, who is the lonely, if you met her.

-It's me, the one that charmed, it's me, the one that I have my light made crying.

Gabriela Mistral

In the orange tree is the star. Let's see who can take it!

Soon, come with the pearls, bring the silk nets!

On the roof is the star.

Let's see who can take it!

¡ Oh, what a smell of spring its knob of eternal light!

In the eyes is the star.

Let's see who can take it!

By air, for the yerba, be careful not to get lost!

In the well is the star!

Let's see who can take it!

Juan Ramon Jimenez

The wandering star

I see a wandering star rolling across the sky: quick, going to crash with his tail of fire.

Thinking I want a wish while its shine lasts, but it turns off instantly.

¿ Who knows where it has gone ?

Javier Vilar

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It's great , I had this encyclopedia since I was a child , now I have 40 years, and I have it incomplete if I lack the volume 1 and the 3, but thanks to this site I was able to enjoy them with my children once again.

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