The pet shop

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Today that I have money I will spend it in the pet shop. what a great idea i had!

I want to buy a dog… Or that parrot that is on a bar and looks down. the quiz

the monkey that climbs the tree. What a pity that they have the poor man tied to a chain!

maybe it would run away. Anything scares him and he runs like crazy. That's why I like it.

but i prefer a dog. A dog that follows me and always looks at me with his friendly gaze.

Like this one that raises its paw, and I ask myself if he is asking me to take him with me.

0 those two who bark, I don't know if funny

the bored. Or these who are asleep,

While his mother watches with her round gaze.

What if I bought that cage at the bottom,

with five parakeets? No. I definitely prefer a puppy, and I already know which of the seven I want.


Mister Beetle's Errand

mister beetle, who knows how to walk so slowly, stand, negro, atolondrado, It's not even good for giving a message. Has arrived:

we were all waiting for him, and you have forgotten.

Diego Diaz Herrero

The beetle

The beetle is busy.

Climb up the hand, goes from finger to finger. The boy looks at him without disgust or fear.

Because he finds his polished black very interesting

so hard and bright.

He puts on his glasses to see better, and the beetle becomes a great lord

ironing suit, slow register and with more packaging than a minister.

The beetle is busy.



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