The two sloths

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I will tell you the story of the two sloths

who wanted to get married and who were anxious;

both the same lady hung around greedy.

They were very handsome and you will see how beautiful!

The one-eyed one was from his right eye,

hoarse was the other, lame and half twisted;

against each other they had great spite

seeing each one his marriage done.

The lady who wanted to marry answered them

with the laziest: that one wants to drink.

This is what the owner said wanting to outwit them.

The lame man spoke at once; wanted to advance:

"Ma'am," he said., hear my reason first,

I am lazier than this my companion.

For laziness of stepping up to the step

I fell from the ladder, I did this injury.

Another day I was swimming in the river,

because the hottest summer was hot;

I was thirsty, but such laziness kid

than, for not opening your mouth, hoarse is my talk.

After the lame man stopped, said the one-eyed man: -Ms,

small is the laziness of which he spoke now;

I will talk about mine, none improves it

no other such can find a man who adores God.

I was in love with a lady in April,

being close to her, submissive and manly,

I came to the nose vile descent:

due to laziness in cleaning myself I lost a gentle owner.

Even more I will say, Ms: one night lay

in bed awake and it rained very hard;

give me a drip of the falling water

in my eye; often and very hard it hurt me.

Due to laziness I did not want my head to change;

the leak I say, with his very strong giving,

the eye that you see hollow ended up breaking.

For being lazier you must marry me.

"I don't know," said the owner, "for all you talk about

what laziness is bigger, both pairs are;

well i see, clumsy lame, which foot do you limp;

well i see, dirty one-eyed man, that you always look bad.

Find who to marry, Well, there is no woman who adores

a lazy clumsy or a vile fall in love.

Thus, my friend, that in your soul I do not dwell

defect or vileness that your bearing desdore.

Juan Ruiz, Archpriest of Hita Version of María Brey Mariño

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I liked it a lot because it has very beautiful and precious details

I'd love to hear your thoughts, please, he comments.x