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Childhood is an adventure time, discovery and exploration. The children's World pretends to be the guide and companion of the child during those years, from the moment you can speak, although I still can't read (parents can read the texts to him), until the age of eleven or twelve, in which he enters the world of adolescence.

The children's World is a work designed for children and structured according to their interests. Each volume corresponds to a general area of ​​interest. So, the volume 5 is dedicated to animals; he 6, to the plants; he 7, to the machines (How does this work?), etc. At the same time, Each general area of ​​interest is articulated in a series of centers of specific interest, to which the various sections of the volume correspond.

On the whole, the 15 volumes of The children's World make an ideal introduction to the world of literature (volumes 1, 2 and 3), of the nature (volumes 4, 5 and 6), of the technique (volumes 7 and 8), of the society (volumes 9 and 10), of creation and art (volumes 11, 12and 13)and of the child's own body and personality (volume 14). The volume 15 contains a guide for parents, in which eminent physicians and psychologists inform them about the development of the child and its problems, as well as a complete index of references to the rest of the work, that allows to immediately recover the information scattered by the other fourteen volumes.

Only the editorial experience of 40 years of work on this work, the advice of countless scientists, psychologists, top-notch pedagogues and pediatricians and the collaboration of a large team of writers, reviewers, photographers and cartoonists have made possible The children's World. That is why we trust that this work will open the doors of fantasy and reality for the child., It will facilitate the knowledge of the world and life and will accompany you on adventures, discoveries and explorations of childhood.

(C) 1973. SALVAT EDITORES, S.A. Mallorca, 41-49, Barcelona.

(C) Field Enterprises Educational Corporation.

Field Enterprises Educational Corporation has transferred all rights that are owned by it., both text and illustrations.

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That beauty!! Thank you. I have my first grandson from 3 years and I'm going to show him the world of children that was my company in my childhood

I'd love to hear your thoughts, please, he comments.x