Tongue twister

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Tongue twister

Guerra had a vine and Parra had a bitch, and Parra's bitch bit the War vine,

and Guerra hit Parra's bitch with the baton.

  • Say you, Mr. War:

    Why did he hit the bitch with the baton ?

  • Because if Parra j's bitch hadn't bitten the War vine,

    Guerra wouldn't have hit the bitch with the baton. |


Look for the forest Francisco, a very rough-eyed Basque.

And seeing it, a funny man said:

Are you looking for the forest, Basque cross-eyed ?


María Chucena roofed her hut,
and a roofer who was passing by
Told him: —María Chucena,

Do you roof your hut or do you roof someone else's ?

- No roof my hut, nor roof the other's, that roof the hut of María Chucena.

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Hello. The drawings and tongue twisters published here belong to an old children's book that I had in my childhood. Could you please remind me what the book is called and in what year it was published? Tal see a link?
I would greatly appreciate it.!


Hi Alex, These belong to the encyclopedia El Mundo de Los Niños. On this page are all our childhood stories 🙂


This tongue twister was taught to me by my grandmother, I tried several divas to learn it and not lock my tongue 😀 it has been very difficult

I'd love to hear your thoughts, please, he comments.x