Little cows

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I've had a big doubt for a long time: There is a cow that never greets.

I talk to him and he doesn't answer.

As well, the doubt is this:

¿Will be rude or dumb ?

Maria Elena Walsh







The studious cow

Once upon a time there was a cow

in the Humahuaca ravine.

As she was very old, very old she was deaf in one ear.

And even though she was already a grandmother, one day she wanted to go to school.

He put on some red shoes, tulle gloves and a pair of glasses.

The teacher saw her scared and said: -You're wrong.

And the cow replied:

-Why can't i study?

The cow, dressed in white, settled down on the first bench.

We boys would throw chalk and die of laughter.

People went very curious to see the studious cow.

People came in trucks, on bicycles and on airplanes.

And as the hubbub increased in school, nobody studied.

The cow, standing in a corner, I ruminated alone on the lesson.

One day all the boys turned into donkeys.

And in this place in Humahuaca the only wise man was the cow.

Maria Elena Walsh

The violet cow

Have you seen a cow more discreet than the purple cow ?

He walks very little in the meadow.

That's why no one has found it.

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Maria Ximena Pérez

What a joy to find you first encyclopedia!! Thank you for this effort to digitize it..


I loved this story, I hope to find many others like this

I'd love to hear your thoughts, please, he comments.x