London bridge

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that's how it was, long ago, the old london bridge.

Appearance of the granite bridge in London.

London Bridge was built in that city over the River Thames and lasted 600 years.

Over the course of all those years, such a bridge suffered many accidents. There were ships that crashed into it. The weight of the traffic caused it to crack and sag a bit. constantly had to be repaired. The money needed to pay for the repairs came from the rent paid by the buildings built on the bridge.. But those repairs were very expensive, so it was decided to tear it down and build another bridge with stronger stone, granite. Over time, this bridge also began to crack and sink little by little. Again it was decided to tear it down and build another, but now reinforced concrete.

The granite bridge was dismantled stone by stone and shipped to the United States., where it was rebuilt on a river, in the state of Arizona.

Drawing showing London Bridge in its new location in Arizona (United States).

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