The Great Stone Store

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A king of Ancient Egypt, called Cheops, wanted a special place to be buried when he died. He ordered his men to build a large stone box in the shape of a pyramid, that is to say, a construction similar to a huge tent. The tomb of Cheops, which received the name of Great Pyramid, it turned out really gigantic. Its base is larger than ten football stadiums, and its top is so high that it would take a ladder of eight hundred steps to reach it.

But, How was it possible to build it? At that time there were no trucks, no cranes, or excavators to facilitate the work. If each stone block weighed more than ten cows, How did they manage to climb these gigantic blocks to the top of the pyramid? They were probably dragged down a ramp using a kind of sled, as you can see in the illustration. But no one can say with absolute certainty, although it is known that it took twenty years to build it. Today it would be possible to build it in less than a year.

The great pyramid, built in Egypt more than five thousand years ago, it is the only one among the wonders of the ancient world that has not been destroyed; people from all over the world come to contemplate it.

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