The 7 wonders of the ancient world

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The phone, television and supersonic reactors are some of the wonders of the world today.

We know seven wonders of the ancient world because many authors from other times spoke about them, many artists reproduced them and ruins of some are preserved.

What was it that the men of antiquity considered wonderful? You will find the answer on the following pages.

All photographs in this chapter reproduce small-scale models built by Creative Studios of Sawyer’s Inc., Portland, Oregon, United States

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  1. I have less than 20 years, at home we have this collection (minus the number 5) since I loved reading it when I was little, I have saved them because they mean a lot to me, I remember when I was surprised to learn that they were from 80. I have half the sheet 13-14 of wonderful places, My sister says that sometime I started her and asked me for a long time what it was like. I can already know 🙂

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