Animals that accompany us

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  • a piece of wood, for the base, have
  • 15 cm long and 4 Wide, approximately
    • some pieces of veneer
  • enamel paints • rope • paper

How to build the base

The wooden block will be the base for it to stand. Scrape it and polish it with sandpaper and paint it the color you want.

You will need four wheels for that base. In the page 85 there are instructions to do them. Then paint them and nail them to the base. Do not drive the nails too far because the wheels will not be able to turn.

How the animal is built

First, draw the scheme on paper, or copy the profile of any animal that appears in a magazine or book, or reproduce one of the figures on this page. Cut out the model and pin it to the veneer. Mark the outline with a pencil.

Clamp the veneer to the worktable with clamps and, using the fret saw, follow the lines marked. Saw several pieces to give thickness to the body of the animal and glue them together. Hold them with gags until the glue is hard.

Smooth the edges of the figure with sandpaper and paint it next.

To support the animal on the support, fixed- the figure driving the nails, by the base, on the paws. You can also paste it.

Nail a ring in the bracket and tie the tow rope to it.

If you think it is convenient, complete and decorate the animal by gluing felt on it, leather, car camera cutouts, etc., to make the giraffe spots, elephant ears, the lion's mane…

Pipe cleaners are very practical for making tails and fangs. Sawdust, glued and colored with vegetable dye, can simulate animal skin.

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