Before the party

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Ask your parents permission to do it

* Decide who you will invite.

OR Send invitations to your friends, after your mom has approved the choice. Tell them what kind of party it's going to be, what time, where and whether or not guests should wear special outfits.

To make the invitations you can use colored or decorated paper.

Ask your mother to help you write the names and addresses.

Decide what type of meeting it will be and if you are going to do it at home or outside of it.

Make decorations suitable for the type of party you are going to give: banderitas, Christmas trees, balloons for a circus party or streamers and lanterns for carnival parties.

Ask your mother to help you prepare the drinks, The Ice creams, the cakes, Orange juice, and so on.

decide the date

Calculate how long the meeting will last

Make a list of the games you would like the most. Choose some that are restful and others that are more active.

Make paper hats and badges for guests. Or prepare materials so they can make them themselves.

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