Racing inside the home

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Paper Strip Racing

Give each player a pair of blunt-tipped scissors and a long strip of, all the same, crepe paper.

When you say: “Now!”, players begin to cut paper in the middle of the strip. The first to reach the other end wins.

balloon races

Give each player an inflated balloon. Players must crawl behind the starting line. At a given signal, all of them must start pushing the balloons with their nose and head towards the finish line. The winner will be the one who reaches it first..

You can also organize another type of competition with the balloons. Have each guest blow one up. When you say: “¡Alto!”, The one who has managed to inflate his balloon the most will be the winner.

take it and give it to me

The guests form two groups, one on each side of the table. The two will choose their captains. All players must be provided with a straw to sip refreshments. Ten dry beans will be placed in front of each of the two captains.

at a sign, the two captains begin to hold the dry beans sipping through the straw. After, each captain passes the bean to the player next to him. And so on until all the beans have passed. The other players do the same, that is to say, pass the bean to the nearest player.

The group that first manages to pass all the beans to the player on the end will be the winner..

fill the bottle

Each player must have an empty bottle, a straw and ten beans. at a sign, the players will try to put all their beans in the bottle, sucking on the straw on them, one after another. The first to get them all into the bottle wins..

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