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a paper basket

Fold a sheet of paper in half, in the sense of longitude. then fold it again. Now unfold the sheet and fold it in half again in the direction of the width. fold it again. Then, unfold it and you will have marked six folds (fig. 1).

Fold the sheet along the cross folds (fig. 2), fold in all four corners (fig. 3) and out the narrow folds (fig. 4). Now pull the edges and the basket will emerge (fig. 5).

Make a paper handle and glue it to the basket. It is, inverted over head, It will also serve as a party hat.

a conical basket


• sturdy paper • tape or string • a plate • a pencil • glue

Use half a circle of paper to make the conical basket.. To get this half circle, draw a complete circle using the plate as a model. Cut out the circle and fold it in two. Cut it by the fold in two parts (fig. 1).

Roll the semicircle into a conical shape and glue it (fig. 2).

Use ribbon or string to build the handle. Glue the ends of the handle (fig. 3).

Decorate the basket to your liking.

Other types of baskets

The bottom of a cardboard box works very well as a basket. A cardboard plate also works for this.

With strips of crepe paper you can decorate those wicker or plastic baskets that are used to carry strawberries. to make the handles, use pipe cleaners.

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