Build musical instruments

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  • a lid from a large cookie or biscuit tin
  • a knife or spoon to serve as a mallet
  • a nail • a hammer • a rope

El gong

Ask for help to poke two holes in the rim of the can with the nail, separated ones 8 cm. After, pass a rope through the holes and knot its ends. The rope serves to hold the can. Look at the drawing.

Use a knife or spoon as a mallet to hit the gong. Wrap a cloth around the hitting part for a softer sound.

• empty bottles or glasses • a knife, a fork or spoon to make the mallet

Collect several empty bottles of the same size and shape and pour water into them to different heights.

Then, tap each bottle with any silverware: the sound will be different depending on the amount of water it contains.

After a series of tests with different amounts of water, you will get notes like those of a piano.

You can also use glasses instead of bottles.

The triangle


• a piece of metal pipe or a horseshoe • a rope

• a knife, a fork or spoon to make the mallet

The triangle is supported by a rope, just like a gong. Use a piece of string three times as long as the pipe. Pass the rope inside and tie the two ends together. If you use a. horseshoe instead of a pipe to make the triangle, just tie one end of the rope to the middle of the horseshoe.

To make it ring, hold the triangle suspended, as indicated in the drawing, while you hit it.


• the support cardboard of a paper roll • waxed paper

• a rubber band • comb • tissue paper

Cut out a circle of waxed paper larger than the circumference of the tube and place it tight at one end. Hold it in place with a rubber band. Sings O-O-O-O at the bare end of the tube. A comb wrapped in tissue paper, it's another kind of buzzer. When you blow you will notice a slight tingling on your lips, produced by the vibration of tissue paper.

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