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coin toss


• coins, chips or pebbles, etc.

• jar or dish lids

• a large container or a plastic pool

Fill the container or pool with water. Make the lids or dishes float in the water.

Place the players at a certain distance from the container.

Deliver ten coins, tokens or pebbles to each player. The participant who manages to place the most coins will win., records, etc. on floating objects.

Roll the ball


• a large cardboard box

• three small rubber balls

• colors of gouache

• pencil • tape

Paint two bunnies on one side of the cardboard box.. Look at the figure. you can make the ears with the lids of the box and join them with adhesive tape. In the feet, make holes that allow the balls to pass through.

Paint with black numbers the value of the points on the holes. Each player must stand a certain distance from the box and roll three balls, one after another. Every time he manages to insert them into the holes, points are scored. The player who has accumulated the most points wins..

Throw the ball


• three small rubber balls

• colors of gouache

• a pencil • tape

Cut the cardboard box lids. Draw two clown heads with their mouths wide open. After, also in the box, draw a balloon floating between those heads.

Make holes in each mouth and in the balloon. These holes must have the different diameters, although greater than that of the ball. paint the box, the clowns and the balloon, as well as the number of points you assign to each hole. The smallest holes should have the highest score.

Place the box on a table or next to a wall or tree.

Players must stand a certain distance from the box to throw their three balls into the holes. The player with the most points wins..

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