Circle games

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Hot potato

Have all the guests except one, designated by lots, they sit in chairs arranged in a circle. The one who is standing should be in the center.

The other players throw a paper or rubber ball to each other, what will be the “hot potato”. If the guest in the center catches the hot potato when it is passed from one player to the other, then you have the right to sit in the chair of the player who has thrown the ball, and it passes to the center of the circle.

The hot chair

Circle as many chairs as there are participants in the game. One of them will be in the center of the circle. Your empty seat is the “hot chair”. Players must change chairs to prevent the player in the center of the circle from being able to sit.

Every time the center player yells: “Change!”, everyone else will have to change chairs. This gives advantage to that player.

Catch the cane

Make a circle with chairs for all your guests, except one, which is in the center of the circle holding with the hand a cane or a stick whose tip rests on the ground.

The player holding the baton speaks the name of someone sitting in a chair and drops that baton. The named person must catch it before it hits the ground. If you don't get it, goes to the center of the circle.’ If you catch it, another person is named.

Hot and cold

Make everyone sit in a circle. Give everyone a fork, a spoon, a can or a saucepan.

The fortune teller is drawn by lots and he is made to leave the room. While he's away, the other players must choose an object that the diviner will have to look for in the room, as, for example, a book, a door handle, window, etc. When players start tapping on the saucepans or cans, the fortune teller returns to the room and walks through it. When approaching the object that the players have chosen, these hit with more intensity, and more gently as it moves away.

Once the guesser has found the object, choose another guest to replace you.

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