Paint splashing

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• a used toothbrush • paper

• a dessert plate • a tree leaf

• colors of gouache the ink

• a piece of metal net or a smooth stick


Place old newspapers on the table where you are going to work so that the paint does not soil it. Put on an apron or a robe.

Pour some paint from gouache o ink on the plate. If you use this kind of paint, add water to make it clearer.


Put the tree leaf on the paper.

Wet the toothbrush on the plate with paint.

Hold the net on the paper and run the brush through it.

The paint will splatter on the paper except where it is covered by the sheet. With a network of large holes you will get large splashes. If the holes are small, the splashes will be small.

It is possible to use an ice cream stick instead of the metal net; rub the brush against the surface of the stick to cause paint splatter.

After you've splattered all the paper, remove the sheet.

You can use the same sheet many times on other paper surfaces and also use any shape you want, cut out of a magazine; for example,

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