A fish to hang

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• paper • ruler • scissors • rope

  1. With the ruler, draw a straight line along a piece of paper, separated ones 5 cm from one side. Then, cut with the scissors along the line you have drawn and you will get a long strip of paper.
  2. Fold it in half crosswise. To some 2 cm and a half from one of the ends of the strip make a cut that reaches the middle of it, as shown in the drawing. At the other end, make an equal cut, but on the opposite side.
  3. Join both ends and fit the two cuts, one with another. The resulting fan forms the fish's tail.
  4. Make a small hole in the fish's back and feed a piece of string through it.. Knot the end of the string to prevent the paper from coming off. If you wish, draw the fish's eyes and mouth. After, you just need to hang it.

You can make many fish with

different colored papers and hang them later in the room.

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