The feathers of the Indians

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How the Indians of certain tribes got their war plume ? Demonstrating his value.

Each feather that encircled his head was won in battle and had a special meaning.

A few strands of horsehair dyed red at the tip of the feather signified that the Indian had killed an enemy.

A red feather with a notch meant that the Indian had scalped an enemy.

A pen split by the cane or dyed red indicated that the warrior had been injured.

The position of the feathers also had a meaning. A pen with the tip up indicated an act of extraordinary courage.

A tipped pen indicated an act of great value.

A pointing pen down meant a simple act of courage.

A plume like the wearing the Cherokee warrior in this photo meant a great honor. But today, the Indians of America used to wear feathers only as an ornament.

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