Mouth ulcers, Nail, Urticaria

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Mouth ulcers

They are painful, being able to form one or several at the same time. They heal by themselves in a period of 8 a 14 days and the cause that causes them is unknown.

The first symptom is small painful blisters on the inside of the cheeks, on the tongue or gums. The child complains of a sore throat and does not want to eat or drink. After a day or two, the blister ruptures and a superficial, painful ulcer or sore appears.

The gums are a common place for the formation of mouth ulcers.

During the first days there may be a fever (from 38 ° to 39 ° C), that can be fought by administering aspirin at age-appropriate doses. The nodes that are under the chin can be taken large and painful. In the initial stages you can drink non-irritating liquids such as apple juice, of grapes, etc., but not acidic liquids. If the pain is important, can drink with a straw. After meals, rinse your mouth with water or salt water.

Nail, Care of

A child's nails need periodic care to preserve them

Toenails are cut straight, unpolished edges, to prevent these from growing inward and sticking.
If this happens, the foot is immersed in hot water and dried, inserting a piece of cotton under the nail.

clean. They should be washed in hot water and scrubbed with a not too hard brush. To cut them, manicure scissors or a file will be used. They will be trimmed following the curve of the finger, while the toenails will be cut straight so that they do not embed in the flesh and grow inward.

If this is the case, there are chances of infection, in addition to producing quite intense pain, so that, besides cutting yourself in line
straight and do not polish the edges, the child's foot will be immersed in hot water and once dry, a cotton ball will be inserted under the nail, using a toothpick. Each night, for about four to six weeks, cotton will be renewed, by immersing the foot in hot water first and changing the cotton immediately after. If this care does not relieve pain and prevent it from growing inward, or if the infection is not cured, the doctor will be notified.

To prevent the formation of stepparents (pieces of skin that protrude from the sides or base of the nail), you will be taught to push the cuticle when you dry your hands.


It is an allergic skin reaction, that looks like a mosquito bite (whitish bump or reddened skin) and that, often, it stings. May be short-lived and disappear suddenly or persist for several months. Sometimes it affects the eyes or lips, hinchándolos. In some rare cases, this swelling occurs inside the throat or larynx and makes breathing difficult. In this case, requires medical or surgical treatment, fast and adequate. The doctor should be consulted whenever the child appears to have hives. Possibly recommend that an allergy dermatologist explore it.

The child may be allergic to certain foods: milk, eggs, fish, walnuts, berries, seafood or pork. Eat these foods, or just smell them, sometimes enough to give you hives.

Systematically eliminating certain foods can help find the food that causes allergic reactions..

Certain drugs such as aspirin, some antibiotics and vitamins can also cause hives. Children who are highly sensitive to penicillin can develop hives just by drinking milk from cows that, in order to prevent certain diseases (udder infection) has been injected with this antibiotic Bee and wasp stings can also cause hives and hives in a very sensitive child. There is a possibility of immunizing you to stings for a few years; For this, it is necessary to inject extracts from the insects, starting with infinitesimal doses and gradually increasing them.

The welts on the leg shown in the figure are typical of hives and often sting.

Hives can appear after sinusitis, an otitis, angina or an infection of the teeth or other part of the body. It can also be caused by contact with wool, cosmetics and other substances. It is also sometimes the result of extreme sensitivity to cold, to heat or light. Products for food preservation, as well as psychological causes can also cause urticaria.

Doctors treat hives by trying to discover its cause and eliminate it.. Sometimes they prescribe antihistamines, tranquilizers or adrenaline to relieve discomfort.
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