Goldilocks and the three bears

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Three bears lived in a little house in a thick forest. They were the great father bear, with a powerful voice; mother bear, with a medium voice, and her son bear, with a soft voice.

One morning, when the three were going to have their breakfast, mother bear said:

—The milk is very hot. Let's go for a walk in the woods while it cools.

  • the three left the house.

    While they were away, Goldilocks, a girl who was passing by, saw the little house and wondered who would live in it. So he came over and knocked on the door. As no one answered, he called again. When they did not answer, opened the door and entered the house.

    In the small room he saw a table and on it three cups of milk with slices of bread. One was big, another medium and another small. Tested the ,from the big cup.

    —How hot it is! She said to herself.

    Then he did the same with the median.

    -It's cold!

    Then he tried the one in the small cup.

    —¡Oh, this is very good! -thought. And ate it all. Then he went into another room and saw three chairs there. There was a big, another medium and another small. Goldilocks sat on the big chair:

    —How hard is! -thought.

    Then he sat in the median:

    —This is very soft.

    Then he tried on the little:

    "This is fine!"! —But he made so much force to settle in that he broke it.

    Then he went into the other room and saw three beds. There was a big, another medium and another small. Goldilocks lay down on the big bed.

    -How hard! -stated.

    Then he tried the medium bed:

    "This is too soft.

    Then he lay down on the little:

    —¡Oh, how good it is here! -sigh, and fell asleep. While sleeping, the three bears returned from their walk in the woods. They looked at the table and the great father bear said in a powerful voice: "Someone has been trying my breakfast.

    Mother bear, medium size, he said with his medium voice: "Someone has been tasting the milk in my cup.

  • the bear, with her soft voice, He said:

    "Someone has drunk my milk and eaten it all.

    The three bears went to the other room and, so, the great father bear looked at his chair and said in his great voice:

    "Someone sat in my chair.

    Then the mother bear said in her middle voice:

    "Someone has also sat in my chair.

  • the bear, with her soft voice, He said:

    "Someone sat on my chair and broke it.

    Then they went into the bed room, and the great father bear said in his powerful voice:

    "Someone has been lying in my bed.

  • mother bear, medium size, he said with his medium voice: —They have also slept in mine.
  • the bear said with his soft voice:

    "Someone has laid down on my bed, and here it is.

    The voice of the bear woke up Goldilocks, which was very scared to see that the three bears looked at her angrily. Jumped out of bed, He crossed the rooms and ran through the forest as fast as his legs could.

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Delighted to read again these stories that I enjoyed as a child. The book was loaned to me and I always wanted to read it again, I already have time looking for it, Thank you for making it possible.

I'd love to hear your thoughts, please, he comments.x