The old lady with the geese

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por Hope Newell

On a cold winter night, an old woman was in the henhouse getting ready to put her geese to sleep. He gave them some grain and took off their little red coats. After, brushed all the coats and ironed them.

While folding them, thought:

“My poor geese must be very cold at night. I have my fireplace and my feather bed, while they do not have a blanket to warm them.”

When they finished eating the grain, the geese began to go to their sticks from the henhouse.

“Crab, crab, crab!”, he did the biggest goose while he got on the pole.

“Crab, crab, crab!”, did the gray goose while he got on the pole.

“Crab, crab, crab!”, did the other geese while they got on the pole.

So, the old woman closed the barn door and entered the house.

Already in bed, couldn't fall asleep thinking about geese.

After a while he said to himself:

“I can't sleep thinking how cold they must be. I better bring them home; here they will be warmer.”

The old woman got up and went to the henhouse to look for them. He made them get off the pole and put on their red coats; then he raised two of them and, putting them under their arms, took them to the house.

After taking all the geese, the old woman said:

“Now I have to fix them to sleep again.

He took off their little red coats and gave them some grain. Then she brushed the little coats and folded them carefully.

As I was folding them I thought:

“It was a good idea to bring the geese home. Now they are warm and I will be able to sleep peacefully.”

He undressed again and got into bed.

When the geese ate their ration of grain, in- [ they started screaming.

“Crab, crab!”, made the biggest, and jumped on the bed, at the feet of the old woman.

“Crab, crab!”, did the gray goose and jumped on the bed, at the feet of the old woman.

“Crab, crab!”, the other geese said, and they all tried to jump on the old lady's bed.

But it wasn't a very big bed and there wasn't room for all of them. They started to fight. They pushed and beat each other. Chillaban, they squawked and fluttered.

All night long, the geese did the same. The noise was so great that the old woman couldn't sleep.

“This can't go on like this, he told himself.; when they were in the chicken coop, I couldn't sleep thinking about how cold they must have. Now that I have them at home I can't sleep because of the noise they make. Maybe, if i use the brain, I will find a solution.”

The old woman put a wet towel on her head and tied it under her chin. After, sat with a finger on his nose and after a while an idea occurred to him.

“I'll move the chicken coop home, he told himself., so the geese will have fire to warm themselves. After, I'll put my bed in the barn. My feather mattress will keep warm, I won't have to worry about geese and they won't wake me up with their noises. I will sleep very comfortably in the barn.”

The old woman therefore moved the hen house to the house and took the bed to the barn.

When the night came, brought the geese to the house. After giving them some grain, took off their red coats. Then they all got on their poles and the old woman went to sleep in the barn.

He was warm in his feather bed. He didn't worry about the geese because he knew they were hot too. And so he slept soundly all night.

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