Water under your feet

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What becomes of the water of a puddle?

where has it gone

the water of a river that has dried up?

What is the water that runs off in the sand on the beach?

Much of the water disappears underground and fills the voids in the ground and cracks in the rocks..

When it rains, the soil absorbs a large amount of water and becomes muddy.

The more it rains, the more the water penetrates the ground..

In some places, water can be found almost two kilometers underground,

though the earth above is dry and cracked.

Groundwater can fill the bottom of a well or form a fountain by gushing out of the ground..

In places where there is a lot of groundwater, we can get it from the wells and use it even if it has not rained for a long time and even if the lakes and rivers have dried up..

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