Where does the rain come from?

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Did you know that rainwater

comes from the earth,

of the lakes, rivers, oceans, plants

and even the animals?

The water has to rise before it goes down.

When the water rises to the air we say that it has “evaporated”.

And when this same water falls to the ground we say that “Rains”.

You don't see how the water evaporates,

but you know it does

because when the sun heats up

the puddles disappear,

dresses dry quickly,

the water of the lakes, from the rivers,

and even from the same fish tanks it decreases,

plants wither and wither,

dogs snort

and the children drink a lot of water.

When there is enough water in the air,

falls to the ground in the form of raindrops.

Water always makes

the same trip:

rises into the air when it evaporates

and falls to the ground when it rains.

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