The shape of the clouds

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There is a tiger in the sky that looks at me.

It looks like it's going to roar,

But suddenly

Turns into elephant.

Or is it maybe a gigantic cauliflower,

or a yawning dragon?

Nothing of that. It's just a cloud on a sunny day

that changes shape as it travels through space.

There is a fog in the sky that does not let you see the sun

and makes the day sad and gray.

That fog is nothing but a cloud from a stormy day

that slides through the sky and that from time to time drops the water that carries.

Are there feathers in the sky or are they perhaps invisible horse tails?

They are nothing but summer clouds that float, immobile, high up in the sky.

The shape of the clouds helps you know what the weather will be like.

What are the clouds made of?

A cloud is made of water droplets that float in the sky.

These droplets are so small that we cannot see them, but all together they form rain clouds, snow clouds or fair weather clouds

Where do the clouds go?

Have you ever observed a great cloud moving across the sky?: but when you look at her again, it has disappeared.

Where has the cloud gone?

Maybe it was blown away by the wind or split into many small clouds.

But most likely it has disappeared because the dropletsasde water that formed it have fallen to the ground in rain or snow.

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