Drizzle, shower, rain and downpour

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Sometimes, tiny drops of water slowly and silently fall from the sky forming a rain so fine that it does not look like rain but mist.

This form of rain is called drizzle.

It may happen that, on a splendid sunny day, it starts to rain violently and the rain stops shortly after the sun rises again.

This form of rain is called squall.

Fill the street with puddles and then go elsewhere.

The rain that falls quietly for hours and hours, cleanses the atmosphere and the streets of the cities of dust and seasons the land of the fields. The noise of the drops falling on the roof fills the house with stillness.

And you, with your nose glued to the window pane, you watch the rain fall.

Sometimes the rain comes down hard for days on end.

The streets are flooded with water and the cars splash the pedestrians.

This form of rain is called a downpour or deluge..

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