Many-legged animals

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The crayfish is an arthropod

Any sunny summer day, you can see many wild animals in the courtyards and meadows.

Some have eight legs and trap other animals in a trap. They are spiders. Maybe you are lucky enough to see the wonderful six-legged jumping animal that has its ears on the sides. It's the grasshopper. And if you find a hole surrounded by a ring of clay, you will see a ten-legged tunnel-building animal called a crab come out.

The world is full of these many-legged animals. They are called arthropods. They live everywhere: jungle, deserts, oceans, caves, mountain tops and in the backyard of your house, where can you see them crawl, skip, to play, hunt, fly, fight and eat all summer long.

This caterpillar is an arthropod

The ladybug is an arthropod

The grasshopper is an arthropod

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