The world of animals

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For a fennec the world is full of noise

We see, we smell and feel the world around us. Animals do too, but in a different way. Some species of animals cannot do all of this. Other animals do it better than us.

So, to each class of animals the world appears differently. Some animals see the colors, others see only gray shadows. For some animals the world is full of smells, for others there are no smells. Some animals cannot hear. Others can't see.

A butterfly sniffs the world with its antennae

The world of certain kinds of animals is very different from your world. The world of a bat is darkness, with echoes of sound. For a butterfly the world is full of shapes, colors and smells we can't imagine.

But every animal has the kind of eyes, nose, ears and antennas you need to live your life in the world.

The woolly monkey can live in a world of treetops

The big eyes of the owl can see in the dark

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