The world of the sea

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Imagine an animal that has ten eyes, ten arms that spew poison and a body made of jelly. This animal really exists. It's called jellyfish and it lives in the sea.

The flying fish lives in the sea

The sea is full of animals. It is the house of the monkfish and the eight-armed armed octopus. It is the house of the flying fish and the conch, a gigantic snail with a claw and a huge, twisted shell.

The conch lives in the sea

The sea is the home of animals that swim, they float and crawl, and of animals that fixate on the bottom and never move again. It is the home of the smallest and largest animal that has ever existed.

The sea is a beautiful place. And a scary place. It's a wonderful country, a fairyland. It is another world.

The octopus lives in the sea

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