Herd safety

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A herd of baboons searches for food on a plain in Africa. All the baboons watch around him. There may be a lion crawling through the grass towards them.

When a baboon sees or hears something strange it emits a loud screech. So, all the baboons rush to climb the trees. Thanks to the advice of a baboon, everyone has been saved.

some animals live together, in herd. So they are safer. If an animal is alone, he may not see or hear the enemy creeping towards him. But if there are many animals together, there is a much greater chance that one of them will see or smell the danger and alert the others. herds of baboons, zebras, antelope and deer run away when warned of danger. But, sometimes, the herd fights the enemy.


If musk oxen circle their young, wolves cannot attack them.

When the musk oxen of Canada, big and hairy, are attacked by wolves, form a circle enclosing their young in it. The oxen stand with their heads lowered, looking at the wolves and threatening them with their long horns.. the wolves howl, but they dare not attack. While the musk oxen are in a circle, the whole herd is safe.

Many times an animal alone is not as safe as in a herd. The herd gives security.

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