A star with arms

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Sun starfish

The points of the starfish are its arms. Most have five arms. Some have many more.

There is an animal that has eyes and feet in its arms and turns its stomach upside down to eat. And if you lose an arm, a new one grows.

This animal is called a starfish. His body is shaped like a star. Each point of the star is an arm. Most starfish have five arms., but some have up to fifty. At the bottom of each arm there are many little tubes. These are the feet of the star. On the tip of each arm there are a lot of small spots. They are the eyes of the
starfish. They only serve to distinguish light from darkness.

If a starfish is bitten by another animal's arm and rips it off, you can grow another. Sometimes a ripped arm can lead to a new starfish.

When a starfish finds a clam or an oyster, stands on top of it and pulls hard on the two halves of the shell until they open. He immediately pulls his stomach out of his mouth, it slides between the two sheets of the shell. AND if like the almeja u ostra.

Common starfish

The starfish's feet are on the bottom of its arms. The feet look like tubes.

The starfish separates the shell from the clam. So, puts the stomach inside the shell and eats the clam.

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