How does a water pump work?

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If you move the lever of a water pump up and down, the water comes out of the tube. But, How does the water get from the well to the pump?

The part of the bomb that you see is called cylinder. The end of the cylinder is connected to a pipe leading to the well water.

When you move the lever down, a bar raises the piston what's inside the cylinder. On the piston there is a small valve, that is, a little door that opens in only one direction. At the bottom end of the cylinder there is another valve. When the piston moves up, this valve opens and the water rises through the pipe until it reaches the cylinder.

When you lift the lever, the rod lowers the piston. The valve at the bottom of the cylinder closes, and the water in the cylinder presses on the piston valve, that opens. The water then flows through the piston and collects on top of it..

When you move the lever down again, piston valve closes, the piston is pushed upwards and presses on the water that has accumulated on top of it towards the outlet of the pump. At the same time, the valve at the bottom of the cylinder opens and lets in more water.

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