String instruments

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The violin is a string instrument. The strings vibrate when a bow is drawn over them.. The strings cause the most important part of the violin to vibrate., the so-called harmonic box. The vibrations of the strings and the box form the musical sound.

The violin has a bridge that lifts the strings and lets them vibrate freely..

you can get the notes, that is to say, low or high pitched sounds, in this way:

If you pinch a string with your finger, the part of the string that can vibrate is shortened. The shorter the rope, the higher the sound. The longer the rope, the louder the sound. pegs

The strings are tightened or loosened by turning the pegs.

A tight string vibrates faster and produces a higher pitched sound.. With a tightrope the opposite happens.

The violin, the viola, cello and double bass are played with a bow. The bow consists of a piece of wood on which long hairs of horsehair are stretched.. The bow tightener stretches or loosens horsehair hairs.

Some instruments are played by plucking the strings with the fingers or with a plastic plectrum..

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