Musical instruments from everywhere

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Scottish bagpipe

Organ from the Netherlands

The barrel organ looks like a music box. To make it work, the organ grinder turns a crank.

The calliope is actually an organ that works with steam instead of air.

The alpine horn is one of the longest instruments that exist and can be heard from far away.

The piper blows through the pipe of the bagpipe. When he lets the air out of the bagpipes, squeezing it with the elbow, the bagpipes produce the music.


When you press the pedals on the player piano, the air passes through holes made in a roll of paper.

The air strikes the keys and the pianola plays alone.

The theremin is powered by electricity. Just move your hands over it to make it sound.

Trunk of the alps

The ram's horn trumpet, o shofar, is played during Hebrew religious ceremonies.



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