To measure the space

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the exact measurement

Caliper and micrometer measure things accurately. The tips of an external caliper are turned inward and lightly brush the outside of the thing to be measured.. The space between the two points is then measured with a ruler..

An internal gauge has protruding tips so you can measure pipe, drains and other objects.

Micrometers better measure gaps, and more accurately than calipers.

An external micrometer measures between its arms the external dimensions of objects. To open or close the arms, a screw is turned..

Inside micrometer has no arms, but it can be shortened or lengthened to measure the internal parts of the pipes, drains and other objects.

how tall? What width? what length? You have to plan the size before you start building anything. Measuring instruments help you do it.

With a ruler you can measure in a straight line. count ten millimeters. Ten millimeters is one centimeter. Ten centimeters make a decimeter. Ten decimeters equals one meter.

To take measurements you can use the folding rule, which is usually two meters.

A tape measure is used to measure larger distances.. may have of 15 a 30 meters. Decimeters and centimeters are always marked on the tape.

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