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A practical way to remember what you have seen is to take a picture with a camera. How does the camera retain what you see and preserve it so that you can see it again whenever you want?? Knowing the operation of the different parts of a camera, it will be easier for you to understand how it works.

The lever spins the film to take a new picture. Each photograph corresponds to a new film fragment.

He visor lets see what you are going to photograph

The spring it is a piece of curved glass. Collect the light and send it to the film.

He diaphragm opens to increase hole size and let in more light. Or it closes to reduce it and let in less light. He shutter covers the front hole of the camera. Allows light to enter the camera only when you want.

Now take a film and a box to put everything we have seen and so you will have a camera. When you develop the film and it becomes photography, you will have a permanent memory of what you have seen. With that, your memory has increased.

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