Fancy clocks

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Besides the cuckoo clocks, there are other clocks that indicate the hours with a gong, others with bells and others with figures and statues that rotate around the clock.

This clock tower is in London, England. It is part of the Parliament building.

The big bell in the tower is called Big Ben.

This clock is in Venice,

Italy. The two statues in the tower strike the bell to strike the hours.

This clock tower is in Graz, Austria. The watch has four dials. The spheres are taller than four men placed one on top of the other. The tower stands on a hill and can be seen from many miles away.

This is a reproduction of the famous Strasbourg clock, France. The figures above are turning as the clock rings.

This watch is in London, England. The figures on the ship's deck parade before the king as the clock strikes.

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