How to make a pot

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Making a pot on a potter's wheel

Until it's not cooked, a pot is nothing but a lump of turned clay.

Those who turn the clay and put it in a kiln are called potters.

First, the potter carefully removes all the pebbles and gravel from the clay soil to make it as smooth as possible.

After, Mix it with water until it has the proper consistency so that it can take the shape of a pot.

The potter places the clay on a platform that a special mechanism spins vertiginously. That platform is called “potter's tome”. At the same time that the mud turns on the tome, the potter is smoothing and shaping it with his fingers.

The pot is allowed to dry once it has taken the desired shape. Then it is placed in an oven to harden.

Sometimes, potters mix a special grit, called kaolin, with a stone called porcelain. The dishes and pots made with this mixture are called porcelains or earthenware..

Pots about to go into the oven

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