A kite and a bridge

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There was once a man who wanted to build a suspension bridge over Niagara Falls. First I had to lay a wire rope from one shore to the other, and for this he called a kite contest. The winner would be the first boy to make his kite string pass to the other shore..

Spectators spread out on both banks. The wind blew the multi-colored kites hard. One child's kite surpassed the others in its flight and ended up reaching the other side. The boy uncoiled more rope with quick movements and his kite began to descend. A man on the other shore took the rope and drew the kite to the ground. The boy had won!

Workers used the kite line to pass thicker and thicker strings across the river. By last, they managed to haul a rope strong enough to run a metal cable over the river. And when it was swinging high, it was already possible to build a suspension bridge over the Niagara River.

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