Boots not to slip

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Lumberjacks sometimes carry logs down rivers. To prevent them from getting stuck or heading to the same point, must lead them down the stream.

The logs are wet and slippery. They jump over the rushing waters and collide with each other. The woodcutter must walk on the logs to direct them and make them advance through the river.

It is not easy to walk on a slippery log, cause it starts to roll as soon as you step foot on it. For this, the lumberjack wears special boots with short nails in the sole. When walking on a log, nails drive into it, preventing it from turning and, at the same time, that the feet slip.

In addition to using those boots with nails in the sole so as not to slip when they work, lumberjacks also use them for their games. Other people also use nails and cleats to play.

The lumberjack game

Sometimes, when lumberjacks have no job, they contend with each other. They ride two on the same log to see which one of them can make the other fall into the river.

They rotate the trunk, faster and faster. Suddenly, a lumberjack jumps and falls violently back onto the moving log, to stop it. If the other is not alert, loses balance and falls into the water.

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