Boots for working in the water

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Firefighters use large amounts of water when trying to extinguish a fire. They wear rubber boots that allow them to have dry feet and legs.

But boots also have another purpose.

The firefighter has to get to the fire as soon as possible. Your boots are made so that you can put on your fire dresses as soon as possible when the alarm goes off. Here's how he does it:

Firefighter boots have hilt-shaped handles, on top. When the firefighter leaves his boots next to the bed at night, place pants over boots so that the handles of the boots stick out.

The moment you hear the alarm, the firefighter puts his feet inside the boots using the handles, pull the pants, he puts on the jacket and the helmet, and in a second he is ready to leave.

Boots for dairy farm operators

Operators of a dairy, place where milk is bottled, they use large amounts of water to have the dependencies, tanks and pipes in clean condition. So as not to get your feet wet, they always wear boots.

They wear boots when they spray water on the walls and floor, when they wash the glistening pipes through which the milk passes, when cleaning drums and bottling machines, and when they are introduced into the large tanks to wash them.

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