Shoes for dance and skating

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Why does a ballerina have to wear special slippers? Because it jumps, turns and stops. Stands still for a moment, static, on the tips of the toes, then he turns leaning on them and goes round and round.

It is not easy to stand on the tips of the toes. test it. With normal shoes you will fall. They can't balance you on your fingers.

For this, the classical dancer wears stiff shoes with a smooth toe. To prevent them from falling off while dancing, dance and spin, wear long

ribbons on the shoes and tied tightly on the ankles.

The shoes allow the foot to remain rigid. The smooth toe of the shoes supports the toes.

A dancer has to practice a long time. But you also have to wear dance shoes.

You can run, skip, spin and dance on the skates and if you want you can draw big circles on the ice.

The skates are actually ankle boots with a blade attached to the sole. In the front of the blade there are small teeth that grip the ice and allow you to stop and take dance steps.

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