Brushes for cleaning glass containers

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Dishwashers and bar clerks use special brushes to clean glasses. The brushes are placed vertically on a base. The employee plunges the glass into the brush and spins it. Sometimes you don't even need this move, since an electric motor is responsible for rotating the brush inside the glass.

Chemists and pharmacists also use similar brushes to clean their test tubes and test tubes..

Before taking a picture, the photographer runs a small brush over the lens of his camera to remove any trace of dust from its surface.

Brushes for cleaning dust

Archaeologists and paleontologists are scientists who try to discover how men lived in the past. For it, dig for an old piece of pottery or the bones of an animal that lived many, many years ago. The objects they find must be cleaned very carefully because they could break and turn to dust. So they use a soft brush to gently remove the dust..

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