Brushes for cleaning floors and carpets

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When cleaning very large premises, like school or an airport, It may seem to you that they do it the opposite of how it should be done, because they start by throwing wet sawdust on the ground. But the cleaning employees know what they do.. Dust and dirt on the floor stick to wet sawdust; then, with the broom the sawdust is swept. This prevents dust from rising. further, employees can see where it has already been swept, because the broom leaves a trace that is easily noticed.

Carpet cleaners use a machine that has a large round brush at the end. The brush rotates and at the same time pours detergent foam onto the carpet.

Have you ever seen someone sweep the lawn?

Gardeners use a lawn sweeper to clean the green carpet of grass. As they push the sweeper, a large round brush collects loose leaves and stems of grass, and throws them into a collector.

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