Speaking from the sky

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Men flying aboard space capsules, planes and helicopters use special radios, with microphones and headphones, when they talk to earth.

Policemen in the air

Traffic on the roads can be seen from planes and helicopters. When an air policeman sees a car running at excessive speed, he communicates it by microphone to the ground police to stop it. And when you see a traffic jam, He communicates it to the highway police so they can solve it.

Communication with outer space

The astronaut who travels through space speaks into a microphone that is incorporated into his space helmet.

Informs scientists of their health conditions and the operation of the instruments on board.

Pilot calls control tower

Every time a pilot lands or takes off, you have to talk to the staff of the control tower.

If the pilot is forced to make an emergency landing, alert the control tower to prepare the fire cars and the ambulance.

When bad weather prevents you from landing at an airport, the men in the control tower have to tell you where you can make the e-landing. Sometimes they tell you by radio that a storm is coming and give you instructions to avoid it.

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