Firefighter helmets

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The work of firefighters is very dangerous. People call them when there's a fire, when a house collapses, when a tree or a bridge falls, and so on. Firefighters come with the mission of putting out the fire and saving all the victims of these catastrophes. The helmet they wear is intended to protect their heads from any blows that could injure them and from the fire that falls from the burning buildings.. This protection can save your life, as has happened on many occasions when the protective helmet has been destroyed by debris, while the firefighter's head has not suffered any damage.

In the U.S, firefighters who come to put out a fire wear helmets designed to work in the rain and water jets. The water in the hoses rises under pressure, puts out the fire on the floors and roofs and falls to the ground. The brim of the helmet is channel-shaped and extends across the back of the head. The water slides down the gutter and falls on the back of the firefighter, but this one doesn't get wet because he's wearing a raincoat. This prevents water from penetrating his neck and wetting his clothes..

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