Clown shoes

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The mission of a clown is to make people laugh. To elicit laughter, the clown wears big shoes that make him look even more ridiculous. Walk waving like a duck, if for, leans, we see him lean another little, And it keeps leaning more and more until it looks like it's going to fall. But it doesn't fall. What is the secret of your shoes?

On the sole there are metal hooks that are fixed to others nailed to the ground. When the clown is in the exact place, leans forward, backwards or to either side because the hooks of your shoes fixed on the ground prevent you from falling.

The tightrope walker walks on a wire placed far from the ground.

On every step, the tightrope walker swings, move your arms, leans, shifts your body weight from side to side and curls the tips of your toes while balancing on the wire.

To keep that balance, He wears leather slippers that allow him to feel the wire under his feet and make sure at every step that they are properly positioned.

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