Masks for shows

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Clowns and actors paint a kind of mask on their faces.


The clown, to make people laugh, he paints his face in a comical way.

A face bleached with flour, a mouth that appears to extend from ear to ear, red spots on the cheeks, red triangles in the eyes and curved and high eyebrows always provoke our laughter.

Another means by which the clown makes people laugh is to change the shape of his nose.. He does it with putty or plasticine. Each clown models his fake nose in his own way.


The actor plays very diverse roles and must always study the character he plays. To do it well you have to sometimes put on a mask or make up.-

Many times the actor completely transforms his appearance. He draws lines and wrinkles on his face to look older, apply a dark wax to her cheeks to make them appear hollow and thin, a tooth is painted black to simulate that it has been lost, o draw lines around the eyes to enlarge them.

In Chinese musical performances, the actors paint very strange drawings on their faces, like false eyes, a yellow moon, swords or golden spots, wavy lines and many other things. Each drawing has a special meaning for those who know Chinese theater.

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