Microphones on radio and television

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When you plug in the television to watch a program, you don't just see images on the screen, but you also hear voices and music. The sound that reaches you through the device's speakers has been picked up in the studio by microphones. Sometimes, you see them on the screen. So, for example, the presenters of a program usually carry the microphone around their necks and the singers in their hands if it is not planted before them with a stand or tripod. But most of the time you don't see the microphones on the screen. Where are they? They are usually hung from the ceiling, a short distance from the actors' heads but high enough so that the camera does not focus on them. If the broadcast program requires that the microphones change frequently and quickly to follow the actors, are placed at the end of long bars, giraffe calls, than, like fishing rods, they are manipulated from the end opposite the microphone and move with great ease.

Microphones are also used to transmit radio broadcasts.. They are used by announcers to announce the title of the discs, to give information, to interview the guests of the program or simply to read commercials. As radio listeners do not see the images that correspond to the voices they hear, announcers don't need to hide their microphones, but they keep them continually in front of their mouths.

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