Music and chopsticks

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Musicians use chopsticks, called drumsticks, to beat the drum, hit the gong, etc…

The conductor uses a small baton, what's called the baton, to direct it.

The drum is struck with two drumsticks or drumsticks.

The bass drum is struck with a mace, finished in a soft head, that produces a dull, rumbling sound.

The drummer of a group does not only play with his hands, but also with one foot. Depressing a pedal actuates a plush-headed mallet that strikes the drum.

The tympanist beats the eardrum with two plush-headed sticks.

He glockenspiel Produces a bell-like sound when played with two round-headed toothpicks, called maces. Glockenspiel is a german word that means “bell concert”.

There are musicians who also use maces to play xylophones and marimbas..

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